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“Many thanks for Daniel Ben-Zvi’s fine work in helping us resolve the dispute. It is remarkable. If he were on TripAdvisor or Amazon.com, I would give him a five-star rating!” 
Edwin S. Friendly III, Friendly Family Productions, LLC

"I felt that the settlement was fair and that court (and more legal fees) was avoided. I am thankful this business dispute is over, and I thank Mr. Ben-Zvi for hanging in there with us! His professionalism and influence made all of the difference." 
Eric Miner [contract] 

"I thought Mr. Ben-Zvi handled the mediation extremely well, with a high degree of professionalism and motivation to conclude an agreement." 
Jon Gilbert, President, Warner Bros. Studio Facilities 

“I was very pleased with Daniel Ben-Zvi’s handling of all legal and business considerations, especially his ever-conscious approach to maximizing my business goals while avoiding unnecessary litigation.” 
Steven Gruman, The Counter Restaurants

"Dan Ben-Zvi is a mediator, a lawyer, a writer, and above all a sensitive human being who has always cared about settling disputes fairly, and as pleasantly as possible. He was born to be a mediator." 
Dan Raviv, CBS News broadcaster and author 

"Mr. Ben-Zvi did an awesome job mediating my case (please excuse the slang.) He enabled me to feel validated and at ease in an uncomfortable situation. In addition, I was very happy with the final result." 
Stephanie Wolfson, Wolfson Knitting Mills 

"I was reluctant to attend a mediation thinking that settlement was next to impossible. Mr. Ben-Zvi did the impossible. We settled and I'm incredibly satisfied!" 
Steve Barth, President of Equity Title; Los Angeles/Ventura region 

"Mr. Ben-Zvi's skills in passive negotiating are beyond anything I have ever seen. I am the happiest I have been in ages. This whole ordeal was very difficult on me, and I am elated (and stunned) that it is over! Congratulations to Mr. Ben-Zvi on a phenomenal job!!!" 
Scott Palazzo, Director, Camera Ready Productions

“I am grateful for the service Daniel Ben-Zvi provided. I have a sense of relief and gratitude. Daniel Ben-Zvi is outstanding at reading people and circumstances and helping them find common ground.” 
Dean Butler, actor

"Mr. Ben-Zvi is a miracle worker. His abilities are amazing. He did the impossible and ended six years of torture and heart break. Bless him." 
Michele Rose [trust and estate]


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